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Meet Georgie

My name is Georgie and I'm 25. I wanted to make this 'about' section completely honest and authentic, as I strive to be both personally and professionally. So there is a little bit here about my coaching but I would like to emphasise a little more about me as a person; after all, if you decide to sign up for one of the coaching packages I provide, you're signing up to me - not a logo, not a brand, not a name, but me.


I started Real Health Living because I believe that nutrition and fitness coaching should always be real. It is so easy to be sucked into the quick fixes and the countless diets and pills that are advertised almost everywhere. Your health is entirely personal to you and the support you get should, in my opinion, be bespoke and personalised - I know from experience that this approach allows my clients to achieve their health goals sooner and with fewer challenges along the way.


I have worked so hard over the last few months to get to where I am now. Things have not been easy and I’ve “let myself down” on numerous occasions throughout this whole process. But, after studying the science behind food, training and psychology - I’ve picked myself up and worked through this.

I am by no means in the best shape yet, there’s still work to do and always room to get fitter, healthier and stronger but I just want to say that it is possible and there’s always time in the day to do something about your health, even if it’s something tiny. 


I haven’t had much in the way of coaching on my own health and fitness journey, other than the information I’ve researched and found for myself. I know that if I’d had someone egging me on, telling me to push harder, resist the temptation to have that third or even fourth portion, that I could have got to where I am now a lot quicker. 


I understand the challenges and the pitfalls. I know the feelings of disappointment when you don’t get there quickly enough, or as quickly as you would have hoped. I empathise with you if you’ve tried before, with good intentions and it hasn’t worked.  Those kinds of blows hit hard and fast and can knock you back to square one, or worse.


I understand. I’m not a fitness model. I’m not even a fitness anything or a model anything! But I’ve learnt a lot and I’m proud of it.If you’re genuinely interested in getting healthier and stronger, sleeping better, having more energy, feeling sexier, the list goes on - then get in touch.


This is something only YOU can do, but I can be there to nudge you in the right direction and give you the support, encouragement and science-based advice when you need it the most (not to mention providing a completely bespoke service, which you'll love by the way.)


So that’s me.Stay well, keep safe and happy quarantining everybody.

Georgie x

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