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Recipes on rations!

Updated: Aug 27, 2020

So I've decided to shove all of the meals I create on my Ration Challenge 2020 week into this article! It'll be updated each day to include each ration pack food offering I come up with. Hopefully, some of you will donate, some of you will chose to take part yourselves, and others may wish to use these recipes for your own food on a budget - they're tasty, nutritious and have been fun to make - Enjoy!

Red lentil, chickpea and Ras el hanout flat falafels (Flatafels? Falaflats?)

Recipe uses the whole week’s worth of lentils and chickpeas so plan accordingly.

Method: • Soak 170g of red lentils (to bulk them out a bit!) and 85g of dried chickpeas, overnight. • Boil in a pot until they’re soft (with salt to soften the chickpea skins) • Blend with ras el hanout (my choice of spice for the week) until smooth-ish • Fry in 30-60ml of vegetable oil.

All ingredients serve 5-6 hungry people. This is accompanied by some rice with Ras el hanout stirred in.

I’ve cut them to shape but obviously nothing goes to waste and the off cuts are delicious, crisped up in the pan afterwards!

Kidney bean, rice and onion stew, served with savoury, salt pancakes

Recipe uses the whole week’s worth of kidney beans (1 tin, 400g un-drained weight) and my entire vegetable allowance, so plan accordingly.

Method: • Soak 85g of dry, uncooked rice (to bulk them out a bit!) overnight. • Boil in a pot with the kidney beans (with salt to soften the kidney bean skins) - do not drain the salt water in the tinned kidney beans, use this to cook the rice in! • Add 30ml of vegetable oil • Finely chop 1 onion (my choice of vegetable for the week) and cook until whole mixture is soft.

The pancakes:

(Bung the following in a bowl and whisk until it reaches the right consistency): • 30ml of vegetable oil • 60g of flour • 60ml milk • 1 egg • salt • water

Whisk until runny and smooth and then dry them in as dry a pan as you can get (conserving as much vegetable oil as possible to last me the whole week!)

Present however you fancy!

All ingredients serve 3 hungry people.

Ration Challenge cupcakes

Method: • Know how to bake (I haven’t the foggiest!) • Bung the following in a bowl and mix it up all lovely and runny • 200g flour • However many teaspoons of sugar you have remaining in your ration (goodbye coffee, I will miss you) • 1 egg (I used a small one so that I’ve still got another small one as my protein later in the week) • 80ml of milk • Add 10 ml of vegetable oil into a tray to line it • Shove a spice in if you’ve chosen one that suits and a pinch of salt • Bake them until they’re done! Mine took roughly 20 minutes

All ingredients serve 12 little cakes (3 servings?)


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