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Why be real when we could be flawless?

What is the point in authenticity when we can be flawless with a few touch ups on our favourite photo editing app?

As we all know and are reminded of all too often, the images we see of the perfect body flood towards us daily on our social media accounts, particularly #instagram. We see tiny waistlines, bulging chests and chiselled abs accompanied by symmetrical, flawless faces. Then, we see ourselves in the mirror and notice the distinct lack of symmetry and perfection.

I'll answer my own question on this one - Why be real when we could be flawless? Because the real version of you is the one you have to live with, feel and be the rest of the time. Your representation of yourself on social media, if heavily edited, is by default not you. Have you heard of the saying "under promise, over deliver"?

In one of my previous articles Which fads? What fiction? I discuss how real goals can be achieved by taking small steps each day towards a larger, long term result. Think of it this way: Yes there are people who have very aesthetically pleasing bodies, I'm not denying that. Some of the people you see on social media are real and that is their genuine and authentic appearance (bastards..). However, if the image you're comparing yourself to is that of a fitness influencer, a model or a health guru and that is their career, expecting them to look anything other than their physical best would actually be silly. But you are probably not being paid to look like some kind of adonis on social media. You have a job that doesn't revolve around your appearance but you're also expected to look like these people whose lives are 100% dedicated to their overall health and fitness?!

Don't get me wrong, I believe we should all strive to be healthier and that, contrary to popular opinion, if you're provided with the right sort of guidance and support that the best version of you can be achieved. You can lose the excess fat, you can get down to a healthy weight, you can look good in the clothes you want to wear and feel proud of the huge amount of work it has taken you to get to those points and achieve those goals. But expect bumps in the road, prepare for moments of failure and lack of motivation - the best thing you can be when starting your health and fitness journey is prepared. Prepare for slip ups and downfalls - How? Well that is where having a coach comes in.

There is no one size fits all approach to preparing for success, failure and progress. It has to be customised and specific to you as an individual.

So, why be real when we could be flawless? Because you've got to live with the real you for the rest of your life, so you may as well acknowledge your flawed beauty, your perfect imperfections and your asymmetrical humanity and work on improving what you can. Make the milestones you achieve little versions of the new you. You are constantly evolving. It's getting the evolution to go forwards, not backwards that's the key.


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