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PLEASE NOTE: The Sessions are one off purchases or slots.

Please see Plans to sign up for coaching.

Make the most of any of these one-time buys (without having to pay for it as a one off) by signing up to a plan instead. We have various options to suit all of your health and fitness coaching and pricing requirements. The bespoke meal plan is included in 3 out of 4 of the plans and that's just one of the long list of things included, so what are you waiting for?! This option is way more cost efficient for you and has more benefits than just purchasing a one off option.


Plus you get an EXCLUSIVE discount with one of our wonderful partners MEANPROTEIN, a fabulous subscription service that meets all of your protein needs to help you "attain the gains!" We also have a great discount for you on FIT.MYTHOLOGY, a great company who provide fun, sexy, fancy, gorgeous new sportswear - high quality and really worth a look! Don’t miss out!