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We decided to wait until we had real testimonials from real customers who have made real progress and this takes time. We just built this page so it will be updated soon with more testimonials asap! Have a look at what people have to say:


Sandra M - first contacted Real Health Living on 29th June 2020:


"Having spent many years and many pounds trying what felt like every single type of diet to get my weight down, I have finally found Georgie. She has gotten to know ME, I’m not a number, I’m me – unique, different to other people who eat what I eat, different set of problems to deal with, different lifestyles. We’re all different and this is where Georgie has excelled - boy has she listened! She has made me re-think a lifetime of diets and is really helping me put the turmoil of past failed diets, negative thoughts, bad habits, and plain old “giving up as nothing works” behind me.   


I feel like I’ve got my very own superwoman to help me through every obstacle, challenge and delight on this next journey. She has even spent time looking at my health diagnosis and medical problems, even though this wasn’t something she’d came across before – and after a few days I had my own personal plan unique and specific to my intolerances, my health diagnosis, my lifestyle and my worst and favourite foods. Just brilliant! The 1to1 calls are invaluable, and before Georgie – this would have had me running to the hills – but it’s just superb. She truly listens to you and takes it all in - what support I get!!   


Whatever stage you’re at – from the thinking stage, to the I must do this stage – you will simply not find anyone better than Georgie! 

So all I can say is - Come on, what have you got to lose? I am so glad I pressed that button and got in touch as I feel truly supported for the very first time."

Hollie W - first contacted Real Health Living on 22nd July 2020:


"I was offered a free consultation with Georgie after discovering Real Health Living, online. I have many health problems including OCD, anxiety and PMDD and have a lot of contamination fears, which make eating healthily very difficult for me and my little girl. My medication causes extreme exhaustion most of the time and I struggle to get motivated during the day time and getting out can be so difficult, which isn't ideal when you have children.

I had a severe relapse of my OCD during lockdown. I lost a lot of weight and although I wasn't eating healthily due to my fears, I wasn't putting weight on as I thought I would but I actually lost a huge amount and not seeing my personal trainer really took its toll on me and my figure and I even started losing my hair.

Georgie was such a good listener and made me feel at ease to open up to about all of my health problems, she was genuinely interested and concerned and I realised she really wanted to be there for me and my daughter and support us with our health and nutrition and made me realise how much stress and mental health can really cause so many other health problems.

She asked all the appropriate questions and made sure she found out exactly which medication I'm taking. She gave brilliant advice and was so knowledgeable and gave me so much motivation to push myself into getting better and take more control of my calorie intake so that I can get back to feeling fit and healthy for myself and my daughter and being my old self again.

I felt so comfortable talking to Georgie and it was so nice to really be listened to by someone other than a Doctor for once. She is a breath of fresh air as I didn't feel judged and she genuinely understood and I felt she had a lot of empathy and really did want to help me.

She gave me brilliant advice and support and I'm really looking forward to working with Georgie in the near future - there is no doubt I will choose her meal and coaching plan, I know this will help my recovery and getting back to being the best version of me for myself and my daughter."

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